Clifton Park, NY

Now you can order takeout and support local restaurants in Central NY, in Rensselaer County, NY, and the Berkshires region of Massachusetts with a new LOCAL partnership between and three media companies, announced today.

Readers of The Daily Orange, The Eastwick Press and New England Newspapers can now order from their favoriteĀ localĀ restaurants online. This program is unique because it’s 100% FREE forĀ LOCALĀ restaurants to participate.

ā€œThis has been an incredibly challenging time for restaurants. The lockdown has forced many restaurants to close their doors (some permanently). Restaurants need our support right now and this new program will help those who live in these marketsĀ  to show their support by going online and ordering take-out from your favorite restaurantā€ says Katherine Haine,Ā LocalĀ EatsĀ partner. ā€œThis program is unique because unlike other expensive online ordering programs,Ā LocalĀ EatsĀ is entirely free for the restaurant.ā€ adds Haine.

These media companies have partnered withĀ LocalĀ EatsĀ to help promote the program toĀ  100,000s ofĀ LOCALĀ consumers using print, social and digital advertising. The media partners andĀ LocalĀ EatsĀ share in the revenue derived from the Restaurant Support fee, paid for by consumers, while the restaurants earn the full cost of the meal being purchased at the rate they set.Ā  Unlike other online ordering options, there is no monthly fee, transaction charge of upfront fee paid by the restaurants.

LocalĀ EatsĀ partner Mark Vinciguerra says, ā€œIn addition to supportingĀ localĀ restaurantā€™s,Ā LocalĀ EatsĀ and Essentials provides much needed support toĀ localĀ journalism.Ā  Literally, it creates a new revenue stream for media partners and helps to fund their newsgathering operations.Ā  To say itā€™s the proverbial win/win is an understatement.ā€

LocalĀ EatsĀ is now available in 5 markets throughout upstate NY and Western Massachusetts.Ā  The privately-owned company is continuing to negotiate with other media partners and expects to expand into dozens of more markets over the next few months.

About Local Eats & Essentials: Local Eats is an online takeout service that makes it easy to order from more than one restaurant in your community at a time. The program is free for restaurants and the customer pays a nominal local restaurant support fee (between $1 and $5) depending on the size of their order.ĀĀ