Local Eats and Essentials, a locally based online site to order food from locally-owned, non-chain restaurants, has teamed up with Hoosick To Go to add an e-commerce element to this most successful Facebook group.

Hoosick To Go was created by Kevin O’Malley, to help promote Hoosick area businesses to promote their take-out menus and daily specials during the trying times in the early stages of the Covid pandemic.  It is a free listing site for Hoosick area business.

This has been an incredibly challenging time for restaurants. The lockdown has forced many restaurants to close their doors (some permanently). “Restaurants need our support right now and this new program will help those who live in the Hoosick Falls area  to show their support by going online and ordering take-out from your favorite restaurant” says Katherine Haine, Local Eats partner. “This program is unique because unlike other expensive online ordering programs, Local Eats is entirely free for the restaurant.” adds Haine. 

Hoosick To Go has partnered with Local Eats to help promote the program to  LOCAL consumers using print, social and digital advertising, and a marketing program that supports local journalism–in collaboration with The Eastwick Press.. “We are thrilled to be part of this program and are always looking for new ways to support local restaurants and local business in our community. We’re looking forward to making it easier for restaurants in our community to get more online orders without paying the big fees.” adds Doug La Rocque, Publisher of The Eastwick Press.   Kevin O’Malley of Hoosick to Go adds, “We feel partnering with Local Eats and Essentials provides the e-commerce platform our Facebook page can use, and the mission of supporting LOCAL–restaurants and journalism, is a major benefit as well!”

We encourage the community to support this program and the local restaurants in their community. To learn more and to order take-out go to www.localeatsandessentials.com.  

About Local Eats & Essentials: Local Eats is an online takeout service that makes it easy to order from more than one restaurant in your community at a time. The program is free for restaurants and the customer pays a nominal local restaurant support fee (between $1 and $5) depending on the size of their order.  LocalEatsandEssentials.com